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To strive and thrive in this VUCA world, it is absolutely essential to adopt a growth mindset while continuously adapting to the ever-increasing change in customer needs. The LEADX program aims to prepare senior leaders to understand the Why, What and How of the Digital VUCA world.

This Program is specifically designed for leadership roles like:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Experience Officer
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Product Officer
  • Chief Data Officer
  • Chief Transformation Officer
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Other Senior Leadership


• To Innovate
• To Discover customer need
• To Embrace uncertainty
• To Adopt new WoW
• To Deliver experience


• Learning sessions
• Desk and field-based research
• Case exercises & quiz
• Creative collaboration
• Hot houses



• Pre-cohort engagement
• Cohort engagement
• Capstone project

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About us

LEADX Cohort Program is jointly curated by Xellentro and DX&Beyond to empower leaders take their teams to the next level at a quick pace. We adopt a holistic approach with forward-looking lens that will ensure you get to experience end-to-end value delivery.

has been providing training for mid and senior level management to step-up in their careers with subject-matter training and certification from top-class education bodies.

 focuses on design thinking, digital innovation, digital transformation and Agile Sales Training. Business and leaders can accelerate digital innovations with the help of DX&Beyond.

Program Coverage


• Innovation2 and Experience-led Mindful Innovation
• Innovation Moats and Global Inspirations
• Shifting from “Building” to “Learning” mindset
• The Ripple Effect and What is in it for you
• Building a Culture of Continuous Innovation
• Value of Intrapreneurs and Side Project


• Key Challenges and What are at stake
• Cultural Transformation - Key Tenets
• How to go about it - Methods & Practices
• How IT and Technology helps in Marketing Innovation
• Product Life Cycle and Product Roadmap


• Macro Trends and Shifting Fundamentals in Customers’ Asks, Wants and Needs
• Adopting a Design Mindset
• Design Thinking - Not a Magic Potion - Where to use, Facts vs. Myths
• Design Thinking – Problem Space – Method & Tools
• Design Thinking – Solution Space – Method & Tool


• Continuous Security in DevSecOps
• Platform Engineering
• Human Capital
• Sustainability



• DevOps And SRE
• What is DevOps?
• 5 Values of DevOps, 3 Principles of DevOps
• DevOps Gamification - DTXi
• What is SRE? SRE Principles and Practices
• Secure Automation
• DevSecOps
• What is DevSecOps and its Values, 3 Ways
• Outcomes, Building a Responsive Model
• Continuous Security
• Integrating People, Process, Technology & Governance
• Value Stream Management
• What is VSM? Core VSM Practices
• VSM Implementation Roadmap & Digital Value Streams
• DevOps Value Stream Delivery Platform and DevOps Value Stream Management Platform


• 3 Weeks Capstone Project - Facilitators Guidance 2 hrs per week


LEADX Highlights

Byte-sized learning

Building culture

Learning by doing approach

Creative collaboration

Configured for each team needs


Dr. Niladri Choudhuri

An entrepreneur, author, evangelist of SRE & DevSecOps, thought-leader speaking in global forums. Dr. Niladri has 31+ years of work experience as a consultant in IT industry wherein he has helped several Fortune 500 companies to improve their ways of working. He is a Forbes Council Featured Panelist and Member. His book ‘Adapting to Industry Infinity – New WOW for IT Services’ released globally in 2021 and is a best seller on Amazon.

Pinaki Bhowmick

Pinaki is an entrepreneur, a design thinking & innovation coach, digital strategy & customer experience specialist. Over the last 23+ years, he has worked with cross-functional C-Suite executives of medium to large enterprises across the globe and across industry sectors – helping them envisioning, enabling and strategizing their people, process and technology visions. Pinaki is moved by Digital-age possibilities, especially how usual norms and decade-old practices are constantly being challenged & questioned with disruptive and new-found wisdom in today’s VUCA world


Jointly Xellentro and DX&Beyond have provided training and consulting to various organizations to make their Transformation Initiative to yield better ROI.

We have 10K+ hours of design thinking and business innovation sessions, 16K+ hours of DevOps, DevSecOps, SRE, VSM, Cyber Security related sessions.

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